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    United States Anesthesia Drugs Market to be affected by recent FDA Warning
    31 Jan, 2017

    Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of USA have announced that now regulators of United States will need to put new caveat on few anesthetic and sedation drugs. 11 general anesthetic and sedation drugs have been affected by this announcement. This announcement may severely affect United States Anesthesia Drugs Market, which is predicted to be more than USD 3 Billion by the end of year 2018.



    This new caveat will be necessary for infants or toddlers, pregnant ladies in their third trimester and operations which takes more than 3 hours. Although studies have found that a single short exposure of general anesthesia does not harm children brains. But few researches claim that children less than 3 years of age, who had prolonged exposure to general anesthesia, face troubles with learning and behavior. These children face risk of hyperactivity disorder and attention deficit. However all these researches have limitations and they could not establish a link between anesthesia and problems in learning behaviors of children.           

    Anesthesia is a situation in which consciousness is totally or partially blocked. It helps the patients to go through medical operations and surgery. Based on the purposes (type of surgery or medical operations) anesthetic drugs are generally classified into three types; i.e.  

    1. Local Anesthetic Drugs
    2. General Inhalation Anesthesia
    3. General Intravenous Anesthesia Drugs

    General intravenous anesthesia drug controls the United States Anesthetic drugs market. Together General intravenous and General inhalation anesthesia drugs controlled more than 70 percent market share in 2013. 

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