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    Virtual Reality Market Survey in United States
    08 Dec, 2016

    Virtual Reality is the next big thing of technology sector in United States. According to the survey conducted in September 2016 by Yeti LLC, a design and development studio, healthcare, travel, and arts were among the top industries that product developers expect to see Virtual Reality usage will significantly accelerate in the next two years in United States. Result of this survey show that 84.4 percent of the respondents has voted for Entertainment industry, 74 percent for Education purpose, 62.5 percent for Media and 60.4 percent for Medical & Healthcare purpose.

                                   Virtual Reality Acceptance Survey in United States

    The other industries such as High Tech, Travel and Arts have got 56.3 percent, 54.2 percent and 52.1 percent response respectively. It is anticipated that global virtual reality market is likely to grow 8 times by 2020, from 2016 market size. In 2015, Global virtual reality market was over US$ 2 Billion.

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