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    Native Starch Market is growing globally due to Advancements in Biotechnology
    17 Oct, 2017


    Native starch is a fine particles/powder acquired from plants containing starch, without changing its chemical structure. It is odourless, a white tasteless substance that acts as a thickening agent and stabilizer. The properties of native starch like shelf-life extension, its freeze-thaw stability and acid/alkali resistance, and extrusion aid make it appropriate for numerous applications. Usually, native starch is used in food applications, though, because of its profusion, numerous non-food applications of native starch have also evolved. 


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    By the year 2024, Renub research predicts that native starch market is anticipated to cross US$ 7 Billion globally. Starch is a polysaccharide which is made up of glucose and is cache carbohydrate of the plant kingdom. Starch takes place as a small granule differs in size from 1 to 100 microns, the shape and size of granules being planted specific. All the Starch is summarization polymers of glucose, starch is not proportionate materials. Mainly starch consists of two types of glucose polymers i.e. a linear molecule, in which the glucose units are linked called amylose and a branched polymer wherein the linear molecule has branches concerned to it called amylopectin.

    History of Native Starch

    A Long time ago during the period of 1884, the commercial production of maize and wheat starch was started. A new small manufacturing plant was established in Jersey and Columbus, Ohio in the United States of America. After that, a new large plant was built in Oswego, New York city of the United States in the year 1888. Ever since the manufacturing of starch from maize has gradually enhanced and maize represents the leading raw materials for starch manufacture. The United States is the leading producer of maize often called corn in the world, at the same time most of the expansion took place in the United States. 

    Starch produced from Wheat is a co-product of the manufacture of vital gluten, the protein of the wheat which gives wheat dough its distinctiveness properties. Wheat appeared as a significant source of starch in the United States and as well as in Europe due to distorted agricultural market regulations.

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    Market Segmentation of Native Starch

    On the basis of raw materials, the native starch market is segmented as corn, wheat, cassava and potato. Native starch is used in soups desert puddings, sauces, and other food applications just to add to the taste and flavor of the food recipes. 

    The Native starch market is also segmented on the basis of its application in various companies like processed food, Confectionery and Drinks, Corrugating and Paper Making, Feed, Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals and other nonfood. Native starch is widely used in dairy products, confectionery and bakery to provide texture and consistency to the final product and in pharmaceutical industry; it is used in the formulation of tablets.

    Global Native Starch Market (%) - By Raw Materials

    Role of Native Starch in distinguished Industries

    Starch can be altered by chemical, physical strategies, and blend of both. Physical treatment enhances compound customizations and water dissolvability includes practical properties. The most widely recognized synthetic strategies engaged with starch adjustment incorporate corrosive treatment, cross connecting, oxidation, substitution and mixes of at least two of these medications. The rise of biotechnology has helped in starch alteration amid the development period of the plant. Diverse amylose levels and amylopectin structure can be delivered with the assistance of biotechnology.

    In Confectionery: To prevent from crystallization, Confectionery maker is using Tereos Starch & Sweeteners starch-based sweeteners, cooling effect and control sweetness, improved flavours and decrease hygroscopicity. Sweeteners & Tereos Starch also provides ingredients to get fibre enrichment, low caloric value, and sugars-free composition.

    In Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals: Starch is a standout amongst the most customary excipients utilized for strong measurement plans. Contingent upon the application, maize starch goes about as a diluent, disintegrant or cover. Local starch is an exemplary tablet disintegrant while pregelatinised starch is regularly utilized as a fastener. Starch additionally offers an extensive variety of conceivable outcomes and can be one of the favored practical excipients without bounds. It can experience an extensive variety of physical or synthetic adjustment keeping in mind the end goal to alter its properties.

    The Native starch market is also segmented on the basis of its application in various companies like Corrugating and Paper Making, Feed dairy products, confectionery and bakery to provide texture and consistency to the final products. 

    Regional Outlook of Native Starch

    The call for native starch has augmented worldwide because of expansion in its applications, in both the food and non-food sectors. On the basis of geography, the native starch market has been segmented into the United States, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of World. The native starch market is mostly dominated by the United States and Asia-Pacific. The United States is having the maximum production share among all the regions studied in this report.



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