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    Japan Proton Therapy holds more than two third of Market Share among Asian Countries
    08 May, 2017

    Renub Research latest study “Japan Proton Therapy Market, Forecast, Reimbursement Policies & Patients Treated at Centers” provides detailed overview of Japan Proton Therapy Market & Forecast along with patients database and medical coverage. Japan proton therapy market size is largest among Asian countries and it holds more than two third of market share in Asia Proton Therapy Market.


    Massive Cancer Patients of Japan Stand in Queue for Proton Therapy

    The number of proton therapy centers in Japan is comparatively more than any other Asian countries and it is growing at rapid pace. Still, industry professionals recognize the huge gap between demand of proton therapy and services delivered in Japan. Rising number of cancer diagnosed patients with very critical tumor has only option for proton therapy. Chemotherapy and surgery are no more right choice for them due to patient awareness of proton therapy and its benefits.


    Japan at Forefront of Tomorrow High-Tech Proton Therapy

    Japan National Cancer Center Hospital only uses cyclotron accelerator to provide more effective, faster and more precise cancer treatment, which mitigate stress of the patient. The facility specializes in the comprehensive treatment of cancer and it has ability to mix numerous other therapies, in the context of the actual disease for better outcome. The optimum use of clinical development process explores various forms of irradiation technology on the continuous basis e.g. imaging technology and dose simulation technology. This center is predicted that within the time-frame of 2-3 years, they will be able to perform Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy (IMPT) in therapeutic applications. In the current scenario, it is still in the research phase globally. Moreover, robotics has been inducting into proton therapy systems for improved outcome in the management of patient transport, patient treatment positioning, treatment appliances, and imaging systems.


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