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    Global Top 10 Countries Number of Meetings & Share in 2015
    09 Jan, 2017

    In the North American region, USA holds highest 930 meetings in 2015 whereas in Asian region, South Korea has organized 891 meeting in the same years. Belgium, Singapore and Japan attract 737, 736 and 634 meeting respectively in 2015. Australia, Italy and Germany are the lowest performer county under the top 10 country list. These three holds 383, 385 and 472 meetings respectively in 2015. The number of China Outbound MICE travelers visiting Europe was over 180 Thousand in 2010.

    Worldwide – Top 10 Countries Organized Meetings (Number)

    MICE Definition

    The word MICE in the perspective of tourism is a short form for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions.

    Meetings: Corporate Conferences, Example: Corporate board meetings, international seminars, investors meeting etc.

    Incentive: Paid trips given by companies for training or as an incentive, Example: Paid holidays given by corporate for its high performing executives. 

    Convention: Academic seminars or NGO assemblies hosted academic establishments etc. Example: Company Annual Conference, WHO or UN seminars

    Event / Exhibition: Trade shows, Sporting events, Example: Auto expo, Geneva Motor Show 


    Factors on which Selection of a MICE Destination Depends

    A client chooses a MICE destination based on various factors such as Space cost, labour cost, type of manpower, living expense, space available at venue, location of place, number of visitors expected, rating of conference place, Infrastructure of conference destination, cost of airfare, Climate of that place, IT facility available, Safety of that destination.         


    Countries Share in International Meeting

    The combined share of all top 10 countries was nearly half of the total international meetings. United Sates and South Korea hold 1st and 2nd position. In 2015, these two has share 7.8 percent and 7.5 percent of the international meetings. With 6.2 percent share each Belgium and Singapore both has controlled 3rd place in 2015. Similarly, with 4.0 percent each; Spain & Germany share the same place whereas with 3.2 percent each Australia and Italy has contributed the lowest among the top 10 countries in the world.


    Worldwide – Countries Share in International Meeting (Percent)


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