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    Global Multiple Sclerosis Market to be USD 20 Billion by 2022 on account of rising prevalence of disease and Research Development
    22 Sep, 2017

    By the year 2022, Global Multiple Sclerosis Market is growing gradually and is projected to cross US$ 20 Billion. Globally Multiple sclerosis markets are one of the most widespread neurological disorder diseases. It is expected that by the year 2022, the global multiple sclerosis patient numbers will add to approximately 35 Thousand

    Firstly, we have to understand that what is Multiple Sclerosis?

    Multiple sclerosis is a disease that affects the brain and spinal cord in the body. In Multiple sclerosis, the immune system attacks the defensive sheath (myelin) that covers nerve fibers and causes communication problems between the brain and the rest of the body. 


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    A Look on Early Symptoms of Multiple sclerosis!

    •    Thinking problems
    •    Blurred or double vision
    •    Loss of balance
    •    Numbness
    •    Weakness in an arm or leg

    Common Symptoms of Multiple sclerosis

    global-multiple-sclerosis-market Unusual sensations: People with Multiple sclerosis often experience a pins and needles sensation. People may  also have itching, numbness, burning, stabbing, or tearing pains.
    Bladder Problems: In this People may need to urinate more often, need to go at night, or have trouble emptying  the bladder. Constipation and Bowel problems are also common.

     Dizziness: People may experience dizzy or lightheaded.

     Trouble walking: In this, muscle weakness or spasms, which makes it harder to walk. Balance problems, fatigue,  and   numb feet also lead to walking more difficult.

     Muscle spasms: It affects the leg muscles. In Multiple sclerosis, muscle spasms affect about 6 in 10 people. They  might feel painful muscle spasms, mild stiffness or strength.

    Thinking problems: In this, People have trouble concentrating that comes and goes it means poor attention, slowed thinking, or unclear memory. People may also have severe problems that make it hard to do daily tasks. 


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    A Look on types of Multiple Sclerosis!

        Relapsing-Remitting MS (RRMS). Most of the people with MS are initially diagnosed with RRMS. People with RRMS have temporary periods called relapses, flare-ups or exacerbations when new symptoms appear.

    •    Secondary-Progressive MS (SPMS). In this symptoms deteriorate more steadily over time, with or without the occurrence of relapses and remissions. Most people who are diagnosed with RRMS will transition to SPMS at some point.

    •    Primary-Progressive MS (PPMS). This type of MS is not very common. PPMS are characterized by slowly deterioration symptoms from the beginning, with no relapses or remissions with or without recovery.

        Progressive-Relapsing MS (PRMS). It is a rare form of MS, PRMS is characterized by a steadily deterioration disease state from the beginning, with acute relapses but no remissions, with or without recovery.

    At present medicines for Multiple Sclerosis are present in 3 forms 

    1.    Injectables
    2.    Infusions
    3.    Orals


    Out of all these forms market for Injectables disease modifying therapy multiple sclerosis is declining and Orals market for multiple sclerosis disease modifying therapy is rising.

    Multiple sclerosis globally: Market Overview

    The global MS drugs market is categorized into biologics MS drugs and small molecule MS drugs. Biologics involved in the treatment of MS are Ocrelizumab, Tysabri, Zenapax, Arzerra, Avonex, Extavia, Rebif, Betaseron and Cinnovex. The brands of small molecule MS drugs comprise Trimesta, Copaxone, Novantrone, Masitinib, Gilenya, Siponimod, Firategrast, Tecfidera and Aubagio.  These are mainly focused on more rapid recovery and from the attacks and reduce the development of the diseases.

    North America leads MS drugs market share globally

    North America leads the MS drugs market share globally and it is expected that it will also show gradual expansion during projected period. Increasing cases of MS, innovation in technology, and higher cost of treatment are major factors that facilitate the expansion of MS drugs market in North America. The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation says in the United States more than 400,000 people have MS, and around 200 new incidences are diagnosed each week in the United States.

    Reimbursement Policy vary from Country to Country for Multiple Sclerosis market globally 

    Reimbursement is playing a very significant role in the expansion of multiple sclerosis markets. As multiple sclerosis drugs have cost effective which resulting the patients to go for reimbursement policies in their respective countries. Nearly it’s impossible to afford the treatment of MS by most of the multiple sclerosis patients globally. North American countries and many European countries have multiple sclerosis reimbursement policies. Though, eligibility criteria may vary from country to country.


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