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    Global Insulin Pump Market is expected to cross US$ 8 Billion by 2024
    12 Oct, 2017


    By the year 2024, global insulin pump market is expected to cross US$ 8 Billion. For decades, a surrogate for incursive insulin needles — tablets or insulin delivered via inhalable pumps is seen as a Holy Grail but scientific attempt has so far achieved inadequate success. Although, there is good news for a lot of diabetes patients by the introduction of “Insulin Pump”. 


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    The paradigm transfer of patients from hospitals to health centers is one of the main factors aiding in the expansion of this market. Earlier, the treatment for diabetes was trendy in hospitals where a dietician or an endocrinologist would lead patients in type-1 diabetes administration. Though, due to the high consultation fees and limited visiting, the patients started looking for other options. In recent times, some health centers have focused only on type-1 and type-2 diabetes administration because of that the concept of exclusive specialty Health centers.

    Accordingly, the waiting time of patients has essentially diminished and the accessibility of medication and conveyance system at the appended drug store stores has expanded. Likewise, these centers give extra advantages like medical coverage cards, which enable patients to benefit rebates on bills and acquire insulin delivery devices at a generally low cost. 

    Insulin Pump Growth Drivers & Challenges

    Renub research predicts that the worldwide insulin pump market has increased with a vital growth rate over the years and is anticipated to rise further during the forecast period (2017-2024). The global insulin pump market growth drivers such as ageing population, rise in diabetic population and evolution of new products. Though, the market faces certain hurdles like a threat from the implantable insulin pump, the high cost of insulin pumps, complicated software used in insulin pumps and invention of artificial pancreas etc.


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    Companies Insulin Pump Training Models

    Companies like Insulet, Medtronic, Tandem and Animas make prior Training Models for how to use insulin pump devices. In addition, Diabetes Professionals, healthcare providers, and certified trainers also facilitate new patients. 

    North America leads Global Insulin Pump Market among Rest of the World

    Geographically, North America is the biggest market for the insulin pump globally and adornments showcase, with the U.S. contribute a noteworthy offer, trailed by Europe. North America and Europe will keep on dominating the market till 2024. Nonetheless, a magnificent share of the development in the insulin pump and frill showcase is required in the developing markets like Asia-Pacific that is attributable to the developing number of diabetes patients and expanding mindfulness towards glycemic control and propel insulin conveyance gadgets in these areas.

    Enhanced Reimbursement Policy by Public & Private Insurers Helped Patients In Developed Nations

    The better execution of public & private reimbursement policy about the insulin pump makes United States insulin pump market largest worldwide. In spite of all these people in the United States are aware of insulin pump and how it’s been used to manage severe diabetes complication either occurred by type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes. Conventional pumps represent such an extensive segment of the market since they are a significantly more settled market, in respect to the fix pump showcase which was just propelled in Europe over the most recent five years. Germany records the highest number of insulin pump user due to its overall population and relatively number of type 1 diabetes patients in Europe. 


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