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    Europe Proton Therapy Market to be more than USD 10 Billion
    31 May, 2017


    Renub Research has announced its recent publication on Europe Proton Therapy Market & Forecast, Patients Treated at Proton Therapy Centers, Reimbursement Policy. The report provides a detailed statistics of Proton Therapy in Europe and it is also fragmented into country wise along with their medical coverage information. Europe Proton Therapy Potential Market is projected to be more than USD 10 Billion in 2016. Russia Proton Therapy Market will be an important country to study as it will increase its market share thrice in a span of 4 years.

    United Kingdom will have Significant Proton Therapy Center in Europe

    Numbers of investors or companies are opening proton beam therapy centre at different part of United Kingdom due to rising acceptance and credibility. Clinical data shows that proton beam cancer therapy treatment does very little damage to surrounding tissues and it is better than any other radiotherapy. The international Partners of Proton will introduce the world’s first digitized PET CT equipment to Wales. This system will make the United Kingdom’s first proton beam therapy centre with the most advanced cancer technology available for the patients. PET CT system will be able to generate clean Imaging to support early diagnosis. It is expected to be operational by the year 2017. According to the NHS prediction, 1,487 number of cancer patients requiring proton therapy in the United Kingdom in 2017 - 2018

    Almost all centers will be accessible for NHS patients from England, Scotland and Wales. People from the United Kingdom will also gets private medical insurance referrals plus self-pay for and overseas. Every center will be decided to treat up to 700 patients a year. United Kingdom Proton Therapy Market will have the highest market share from 2019 and it will continue to dominate till 2021. 

    Hitachi Announced to Launch at Least Three Proton Beam Therapy Systems in Europe within the timeframe of 5 Years

    Hitachi has successfully accomplished proton therapy systems centers in Asia and in the United States in recent years. Now they are concentrating on Europe to help the universities and hospital networks to connect with radiation technology to fulfill growing demand of proton therapy. Hitachi has strong track record of research, design and operations of proton technology for more than 20 years. The company is best known for the pencil beam scanning (FDA approved in 2008). Moreover it also involved in IMPT and the real time imaging technology. The foundation of Hitachi's system is relying on synchrotron accelerator, which is validated as a green solution for energy efficiency and little radioactivity.


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