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    Dental Equipment Market is rising globally due to mounting cases of Oral Diseases, painless diagnosis & surgeries
    25 Sep, 2017

    Inappropriate eating lifestyle in children and propensity towards junk food cause dental treatments and apart from children, elderly people also experience various dental disorders such as caries, xerostomia and oral candidiasis that drive the dental equipment’s market. The overall development of the market is because of the evolution in technologies; it helps in reducing the time for dental procedures and also facilitates the efficiency of practitioners. As per Renub Research analysis global dental equipments market is projected to be more than US$ 10 Billion by 2022

    Dental equipments are used by dental professionals to manipulate, examine, restore and remove teeth and surrounding oral structures and to give dental treatment. The end-users for this market were as follows- dental practitioners, hospitals, and dental clinics as well as laboratories.


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    A look at equipment that are used in Dental Market

    Rise in Technologies as the launch of CAD/CAM and 3D imaging is projected to drive the dental equipment’s market. The CAD/CAM assists in enhanced and more rapid dental prostheses designing, it makes easy precise and faster patient diagnosis and further diagnostic plan. 

    The dental equipments are summarized into following types. Hand pieces, dental chairs, CAD/CAM systems, Scaling units, Instrument delivery systems, Dental lasers, Radiology equipment and Cone Beam Computed Topography (CBCT) Scanners.

    Dental Radiology Equipments Market / Oral Radiology

    Dental radiology or oral radiology helps in the imaging of teeth in order to diagnose and indulgence different dental conditions i.e. cavities, hidden dental structures, bone loss, and malignant or benign masses. It consists of X-rays and other imaging tools and techniques for performing dental diagnostics. In this the images are formed by passing a controlled burst of X-ray radiation which enters the oral structure and forms an image on a sensor or photographic plate. Earlier photographic plates were the gold standard for final representation of diagnostics until the introduction of advanced digital systems technologies. 


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    Dental CAD / CAM Systems Market

    Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) systems (CAD/CAM) are a magnificent use of technology in dentistry which facilitates the dentists to proficiently fabricate a variety of shapes and sizes for dental prostheses precisely such as dental inlays, onlays, crowns, abutments and bridges.
    dental CAD/CAM market globally is mostly driven by the enlargement in population owing to the growing demand for dental cosmetic surgeries, rising edentulous population going for dental prosthetics, which also drives the CAD/CAM systems market globally. Increasing cases of oral cancer is also fueling the market.

    Dental Lasers Market
    The increasing demand for laser dentistry and painless treatment is one of the main drivers for dental lasers market growth. The growing incidence of oral problems around the globe has shifted from habitual dental treatment trends to enhanced dental treatment with use of dental lasers technology. The expressive laser technology in dentistry among patients and oral care specialists has led to their growing demand for application such as orthodontics, the extraction of a tooth, and periodontal decay.

    Tier 1 players lead the global dental lasers market and these industries hold stronger positions in comparison to the tier 2 and tier 3 vendors. The competition among Tier-1, Tier-2, and Tier-3 industries is increasing and the big industries are losing their shares to developing industries. 

    Dental Chairs Market   

    Oral surgery chairs, orthodontic chairs, Examination chairs, and portable chairs are the types of dental chairs available around the globe. The demand for oral surgery dental chairs is comparatively higher and is expected to remain over the coming years. Though, the demand for other dental chairs is also gradually growing around the globe.

    The dental chairs are categorized into two types: Manual dental and powered dental chair. The manual dental chairs led the market globally. Though, the powered dental chair segment has also flourished into the market and is projected to surpass the former in the coming years. Globally, Clinics, Hospitals, and ambulatory surgical centers were the main end users of dental chairs. The demand for these chairs is higher in hospitals, clinics as well as in laboratories and the trend is anticipated to continue over the coming years.

    Dental Headpieces Market 
    The factors that fuel the market comprise the oral diseases, the rise in population, and dental clinics. A dental handpiece is used to remove tooth structures, shape teeth and polish. Dental handpiece is an instrument which uses electricity or air for generating a rotary cutting motion, analogous to how a drill operates. Handpieces are often structured by speed range (low speed or high speed).


    The other equipments that are used in Dental Equipment Market were as follows-

        Dental Curing Lights Market    
        Dental Scaling Units Market    
    •    Instrument Delivery Systems Market


    North America led the market share of Dental equipment market globally

    North America led the market share of dental equipment. After the North America, the European countries along with Asia Pacific countries have shares into the dental equipment market. The cause behind North America is dominating the market due to growing population which can account the expensive dental treatments. Europe Dental and Equipment market follows the North America market leaning because of numerous promotional activities and accounts of oral health care facilitated by the Government.


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