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    Custom Research

    The requirement of custom and specific research to substantiate business decision-making for business exists on continuous basis. With the objective to fulfill this need and to provide a customized and systemic research based analytical framework Renub Research provides custom research solutions to its clients. Renub Research is the principal custom research information provider. 


    Our custom research helps our clients to answer their specific questions and address issues associated with: 


    • Client’s prospects, their characteristics and behavior
    • Market segmentation 
    • Pricing and volume estimation
    • Perception of client’s product, service or company
    • Attitudes of opinion leaders
    • Most effective promotions, sales and media placement 
    • Product names and packaging
    • New product or service launch / development
    • Entry into new markets
    • Trends that may impact an existing market / Business Planning 


    Our Custom Research Services cover industries ranging from Information Technology (IT), Telecoms, Life Sciences, Medical & Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services (Banking, Insurance, Reinsurance, M&A, etc.), Energy, Chemicals, Automotive, Retail, FMCG, Consumer Goods, Logistics, Governmental, and Social.