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    China Women Footwear Market Growth Analysis
    12 Dec, 2016

    Women’s footwear segment is one of the fastest growing industries in China. The market trends are showing positive direction since last decade. Rise in manufacturing capacity and growing unprecedented footwear demand by women in China ( PRC ) have transformed China’s economy. Strong economic growth encouraged middle class people of China especially women spend more.  China Women Footwear Market for 2010 was more than USD 15 Billion and by 2012 this market further made a growth of more than USD 20 Billion.

                                                China Women Footwear Market Growth Analysis


    From the company perspective middle class people are the core target segment. Mid-to-premium women’s footwear segment makes sustainable development for Chinese footwear companies as well as foreign players in China (PRC) . Chinese women are more influenced by western culture. They prefer different varieties of footwear to wear in different occasion. Therefore Chinese player are striving to cater different mix of footwear like casual footwear, business casual footwear, sports casual footwear, formal footwear, sports footwear etc.

    Chinese footwear industry accelerates growth which has been inflamed by the successive increases of industrial output, imports & exports and capital investment over last decades. Prudent consolidation among small, medium and large players is anticipated since last decade to encourage industry consolidation with an effort to regulate and monitor the industry for the sake of enhance competitiveness in the global market.

    Our research report “China Footwear Market (By Gender, Purpose and Lifestyle) & Forecast” studies the China Footwear industry from following points


    China Footwear Market & Forecast by Gender

    • China Men’s Footwear Market
    • China Women’s Footwear Market


    China Footwear Market & Forecast by Purpose  

    • China Business Casual Footwear Market
    • China Formal Footwear Market
    • China Sports Casual Footwear Market 


    China Footwear Market & Forecast by Lifestyle 

    • China Luxury Footwear Market 
    • China High-end Footwear Market 
    • China Middle-end Footwear Market
    • China Low-end Footwear Market  

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