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    China Online Gaming Market User Preferences
    06 Dec, 2016

    China’s large population and its growing internet penetration are creating huge opportunities for China online gaming market. Online gaming penetration rate was 59.5 percent of the total Internet users whereas in mobile segment, it was 33 percent of total mobile internet users. For China ( PRC ) online gamers, 8 PM to 10 PM is the best suitable time. According to a survey, nearly 22 percent gamers preferred this time slot for online gaming. Then 21 percent gamers prefer 6PM to 8 PM of time slot, 14 percent of the gamers prefer 10 PM to Midnight time slot, 13 percent gamers likes to play at 2 PM to 6 PM time slot, 12 percent of gamers wishes to play at Noon to 2 PM time, 11 percent of gamers are happy with 8 AM t Noon time. 4 percent and 3 percent gamers prefer graveyard timing Midnight to 2 AM and 2 AM to 8 AM respectively.  

                                            China Online Gaming Market User Preferences

    When considered about gamers preference for graphic interference, nearly 60 percent gamers will prefer to play 3D graphics game. Only 17 percent online gamers preferred 2D graphic interference for China ( PRC ) online gaming market. China online gaming market has generated nearly US$ 20 Billion in 2015. Some of the key factors for the growth of China online gaming market are rapid growth in 4G networks and living standard of the Chinese people.

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