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    China Online Gaming Market get bigger in the Digital World
    18 Aug, 2017

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    One can play online games over the personal computers (PCs) and mobiles using the Internet. It has also features such as downloadable content, multiplayer modes and in-game chat. China Online Gaming Market is predicted to be approximately US$ 50 Billion by 2020.  

    In 1999, the first graphic online game in China “King of Kings” was launched. The Online Game market has been rising strongly since then. Far away from being the age of teenage boys or tech junkies, gaming is inbuilt in every Chinese. Any age group both genders who want to play games can find something that appeals to them and plays with many people at the same time.

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    Mostly in China (PRC) use of the Internet and online game were measured alike of the TV for American baby boomers, it has become the main and popular form of cultural pastime and entertainments of both the nations. Online games have also played a great role in China’s politics. For instance, China  Communist Youth League (CCYL) are employing online games as platforms to generate "National spirit" among young players and achieve various political goals.

    Online Gamers Favored Time Slot: China

    According to this report, in China (PRC), the online gaming perforating rate was 59.5 percent of the total internet users while in the mobile segment, it was 33 percent. The most appropriate time for online gamers in China is 8 pm to 10 pm. About 22 percent gamers’ ideal time slot for online gaming is 8 pm to 10 pm, around 21 percent ideal time is 6 pm to 8 pm. Nearly 14 and 13 percent population of the online gamers’ ideal time is 10 pm to midnight and 2 pm to 6 pm irrespective of the percentage.


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    Fast Internet Services drives the Chinese Online Gaming

    In China, 60 percent of the population of gamers prefers to play 3D graphics games, while 17 percent of online gamers prefer to play games in 2D graphics. Chinese people standard of living and introduction of 4G networks plays a very pivotal role in increasing the online gaming market.

    Tencent Dominates the Online Gaming Market in China

    The key players in China online gaming was Tencent. Tencent plays a very important role in the gaming market in China and which also impacts on Chinese diversification into the world of innovations. The other players into the market were Net Ease, Sony, Kingsoft, Changyou, and Shanda.


    Report Covers China (PRC) Online Game Market by Category 

    •    Mobile Online Games Market (2011 – 2020)
    •    PC Online / Client Games Market (2011 – 2020)
    •    Web Games Market (2011 – 2020)


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